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The libraries at Lund University have purchased, or subscribe to, a great number of ebooks from different publishers. The ebooks can be accessed via LU's discovery system and the publication database for ebooks and e-journals, LUBsearch Discovery and LUBsearch ePublications. Information about publishers, holdings, terms of use, etc. can be found in this guide. Only registered students and staff affiliated with Lund University may access licensed ebooks and other e-resources off LU-campus. To do so you will need a Student Account or a LUCAT-ID (staff), for more information, please see the Student Portal or the Staff Pages. The public may be permitted access to licensed ebooks, but only within the physical premises of the libraries at Lund University (see map), for more information see Access to E-resources at Lund University. If you are in any doubt as to what is allowed, please contact info@ub.lu.se

News & Updates

11 May 2021  –  The library at the Faculty of Law has digitized legal books related to LU for publication in Open Books at Lund University.

Contact us

This guide was created and is maintained by the Department of E-resources at the University Library, if you have any questions about the guide please contact us at emedia at ub.lu.se

Please contact our support for all questions regarding ebooks - access, use, downloads, problems and technical issues etc., at info@ub.lu.se
  If you need help finding an ebook for a course, or if you would like to suggest a purchase, please contact a librarian at the library at your faculty, List of libraries at Lund University.

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