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Since 2009 more than 11,000 titles are available online in the Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library. The comprehensive collection includes works of fiction, memoirs, poetry, plays, short stories, science manuals, cookbooks, primers, and more, by the most renowned Yiddish authors and lesser-known writers alike. You can browse highlights from the collection or search by a specific author, read the books online or download them, free of charge, in PDF-format.

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Name The Digital Jiddish Library
Publisher/Provider The Jiddish Book Center
Subjects included Multidisciplinary
Type of resource Free collection of ebooks
Fulltext format PDF or online in book reader
Accessibility - -
Login authentication required No
Number of concurrent users - -
Download required No
Must be borrowed No
Number of days for download - -
Download and read offline Yes
Download to a portable device Yes, if the device supports PDF format and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Copying Yes
Printing Yes
Text to speech No
Export references No
Export formats? - -
How do I suggest a purchase No
Restrictions No
Interlibrary loan / Fjärrlån No
Text and Data Mining (TDM) Policy No
Miscellaneous: - -