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Ethnologue: Languages of the world lists every recognized language in the world, currently 7,099 languages. Every known name and dialect for a language is included so you can find it no matter which term you use. You can also identify a specific language by its code, following the ISO 639-3 standard that Ethnologue pioneered. Ethnologue was founded and first published in print in 1951, as of the 17th edition in 2013 the web edition is the primary source by which Ethnologue can be accessed. The 20th edition of Ethnologue was released on February 21 st 2017. This edition contains more than 22,000 individual changes since the 19th edition was released one year ago. As a result, the descriptions of 4,900 languages contain at least one update. These include both substantive changes to the data, as well as stylistic ones (and typos). 

Please note that Lund University's subscription only includes access to web-based content. LU does not have access to downloadable content, e.g. PDF country reports and downloadable high-resolution maps.

Information för bibliotekarier
Lunds universitet har en Institutionell prenumeration på Ethnologue och en sådan prenumeration omfattar inte åtkomst till nerladdningsbara kartor eller country reports i PDF-format. Vår licens tillåter oss endast att läsa allt webb-baserat innehåll på skärmen, inklusive kartor, språk- och land profiler etc. Det är även möjligt att skriva ut en begränsad del av innehållet (högst 10%).


Name Ethnologue: Languages of the World
Publisher/Provider SIL International (formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics)
Subjects included Languages, Linguistics
Type of resource Reference works
Fulltext format HTML, PDF
Accessibility Via IP address
Login authentication required No, not on LU-campus. If you are off-campus you will be prompted to login via LU's Central Authentication Service (CAS) with a Student Account or LUCAT-ID.
Number of concurrent users Multiple concurrent access (multiple people reading at the same time).
Download required No
Must be borrowed No
Number of days for download - -
Download and read offline No
Download to a portable device No
Copying No
Printing You may print out copies of portions of pages in Ethnologue for research or educational purposes in accordance with the SIL Fair Use Guidelines which stipulates that the total amount of content from this website that may be used can only be up to 10% or 1000 words, whichever is less.
Text to speech No
Export references No
Export formats - -
How do I suggest a purchase Students and staff: Please contact your faculty library.
Librarians: Se Förvärv av elektroniska resurser för mer info.
Restrictions Walk-in users: Users not affiliated with Lund University may be permitted access to Ethnologue, but only within the physical premises of Lund University Libraries.
Interlibrary loan / Fjärrlån No
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