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The Danish Language and Literature Society / Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab (DSL) was founded in 1911 and publish dictionaries, literature and historical sources that documents the Danish language and culture from ancient times to the present day. Some of the publications can be accessed online on e-Ordbøger (e-Dictionaries) and Ordnet.dk.
e-Dictionaries provide free online access to a wide range of Danish dictionaries and linguistic reference works. The dictionaries are also available as an app for iPhone and Android.

These are some of the dictionaries that are available:

Svensk-Dansk Ordbog / Swedish-Danish Dictionary
  The dictionary provides information about the Swedish language in such a way that it not only solves the Danish user's specific problem with this or that specific Swedish word and expression, but also provides the interested user with further information, e.g. about synonyms, meaning-related words and derivatives and compositions.
Ordbog over det danske Sprog / Dictionary of the Danish Language (ODS) ODS is also called "the Great Danish Dictionary" and is a historical dictionary that deals with the Danish language from 1700 to 1950, with Supplements 1 - 33. The dictionary is the largest that has been developed for the Danish language.
Den Danske Ordbog / The Danish Dictionary (DDO)  DDO describes the vocabulary in modern Danish from approximately 1955 to today. It gives information about the spelling, inflection, pronunciation, origin, meaning and use of the words. The dictionary is updated continously.


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