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Ebook Central from ProQuest integrates the old platforms ebrary and EBL Ebook Library into a new platform with a new interface and new functionality. Lund University have access to 3014 ebooks (February 2021) on Ebook Central. Most of the books have multiple-user access, but a small number of books have a limited number of either 1 or 3 simultaneous user access. On the detail page for each book you can see information about the number of days for download, the number of pages (PDF) that you can download, the number of pages for copying, and the number of pages for printing. The Bookshelf is your personal account that can be used to save downloaded books, recently viewed books, notes and highlights. You need to be signed in to use your Bookshelf, please note that your Student Account or LUCAT-ID can not be used for this. To create your own Bookshelf click on the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Please note that the eBook Central platform has a timeout and if you are idle for 15 minutes your session will timeout automatically and you will see a blank page with this message: "You have been timed out due to inactivity. To continue, please refresh this page." Just reload the page in the web browser to continue reading the book.

In the Result List of LUBsearch and ePublications there is a link to 'Terms of Use' where you will find information about the number of simultaneous users and the terms of use for downloading and printing for each individual ebook:

Information on downloading

  • Please note that ebooks on Ebook Central that are purchased under a Non-Linear model (NL) cannot be downloaded as PDF-files unless you check-out (Download) the book first. For a list of NL books, please see the title report below.
  • The number of days you can borrow/download an ebook differs depending on the number of simultaneous users. Books with an unlimited number of users can be borrowed for 1-3 days, books with a limited number of users can only be borrowed for 1 day.
  • Please note that if the number of annual loan days/credits for each title (usually 325) expire before they are renewed on the anniversary of the purchase, the book can only be read for five minutes. This message is then displayed on the Book Details page:

        You may read this book for five minutes

  • Ebooks can be downloaded to laptops, desktops, tablets and phones (iOS and Android).
  • The download screen recognizes the device you are using.
  • We recommend that you choose the EPUB format when downloading to tablets and phones since this format is re-sizeable.
  • Adobe Digital Editions is required to download ebooks. Please note that Adobe Digital Editions does not support Linux. However, the program can be downloaded via WINE, see this step-by-step installation guide.
  • If you would like to transfer the downloaded ebook to another device a Adobe ID (free) is required.
  • You can download the book as a full ebook download, as a chapter, a page or a range of pages in PDF.
  • Chapters are DRM-free and can be downloaded to PDF from the Ebook Central Reader. A chapter download does not expire. Please note that pages included in your Chapter Download are counted as part of your overall print allowances.
  • In your Bookshelf, under Downloads & Loans, you can se the number of days and hours until each book expires.
  • URL's to pages in ebooks can be copied and shared with other users at Lund University (but not outside).
  • Please Note that you are not allowed to print out a complete ebook.

Before using Ebook Central for the first time, we recommend that you take a look at the training videos on YouTube.

Information för användare vid LTH som har Linux
E-böckerna på Ebook Central är i acsm-format och det krävs Adobe Digital Editions för att kunna låna (ladda ner) dem, men ADE stödjer för närvarande inte Linux. Det går dock att installera programmet via WINE, här finns en steg-för-steg guide för hur man gör. Behöver du hjälp med installationen kan du kontakta Datordriftgruppen på LTH.

Information för bibliotekarier
ProQuest erbjuder från och med 2018 DRM-fria e-böcker på Ebook Central-plattformen. DRM-fri innebär i detta fall att böckerna inte kräver någon speciell inloggning (förutom CAS utanför LU-campus) eller någon särskild programvara för att kunna läsas. Böckerna kan laddas ner både per kapitel eller som hel bok. Det finns heller inte några restriktioner vad gäller nerladdning, utskrifter, kopiera/klistra in, och böckerna är tillgängliga på alla bärbara enheter (iPad, laptops, tablets etc) som stödjer PDF och EPUB-formatet.
Biblioteken kan köpa dessa böcker titel-för-titel, via prenumeration, eller via olika förvärvsmodeller (t ex DDA, ATO, GOBI, LibCentral). Det är också möjligt att uppgradera redan köpta böcker med ’perpetual access’ till DRM-fria versioner. LUB äger redan ett antal eböcker på Ebook Central som är DRM-fria och har även valt att uppgradera köpta titlar, se lista över LU:s köpta böcker som är DRM-fria längre ner på sidan.


Name Ebook Central
Publisher/Provider ProQuest
Subjects included Multidisciplinary
Type of resource Platform with ebooks in fulltext.
Fulltext format PDF, EPUB
Accessibility Via IP address
Login authentication required Yes, you will be prompted to login via LU's Central Authentication Service (CAS) with a Student Account or LUCAT-ID both on and off LU-campus.
Number of concurrent users Most of the books have multiple-user access, but a small number of books have a limited number of either 1 or 3 simultaneous user access.
Download required No, you can read a book online without downloading it.
Must be borrowed Only if you want to download the book.
Number of days for download Books with an unlimited number of users can be downloaded for 1-3 days. Books with a limited number of users can be downloaded for 1 day. It is not necessary to return an ebook as access will be denied when the number of days you have chosen are over.
Download and read offline Yes, ebooks can be downloaded to tablets and iphones and read offline. For more info on downloading, please see General information.
Download to a portable device Yes, for more information please see General information.
Copying Copying is restricted by DRM, you may copy up to 40% of a book.
Printing Printing is restricted by DRM, you may copy up to 40% of a book.
Text to speech No, Ebook Central doesn't have an integrated text-to-speech function but the TTS software TorTalk is compatilble. You can also use accessibility mode, in which pages of books are presented as text rather than images. If you use a screen reader such as JAWS, NVDA or VoiceOver, instructions to turn on accessibility mode are available for reading when you enter the page.
Export references Yes
Export formats Citation styles: APA, Chicago/Turabian - Notes-Bibliography, Chicago/Turabian - Author-Date, Harvard, MLA, Vancouver.
How do I suggest a purchase Students and staff: Please contact your faculty library.
Librarians: Se Förvärv av elektroniska resurser för mer info.
Restrictions Walk-in users: Due to license agreements terms Ebook Central require a student or staff login (LUCAT/Student ID) via the Central Authentication Service (CAS) even when you are on LU-campus. Because of this, ebooks on Ebook Central are not available for walk-in users (i.e. users not affiliated with Lund University). Please note that If a user not affiliated with Lund University would like a copy of a chapter from a book on Ebook Central, LU must refer the user to their municipal library for ordering an ILL copy. Note that you are not allowed to send an entire ebook/all chapters as ILL.
Course Packs: No, you may not incorporate any part of the licensed material as a collection or compilation in course packs, either an electronic or a printed copy. You may however include durable links to licensed material (journals, books, articles, chapters) in online course packs and/or intranet sites so long as access to such materials are limited to authorized users at Lund University (registered students and staff).
Interlibrary loan / Fjärrlån Yes, ProQuest allows for ILL requests to non-commercial libraries for research or private study purposes. The ILL fulfilment may only consist of one (1) single paper copy of an individual document (one chapter or article), but not a complete ebook. If an electronic file is created for the purpose of ILL, the file must be deleted immediately after printing.
Text and Data Mining Policy  
Miscellaneous Watch training videos for Ebook Central on YouTube or check out the ProQuest libguide