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Early Modern Books, 1450-1700 covers material from the British Isles and Europe
and provides an integrated search by combining the digital resources available on both Early English Books Online and Early European Books for the period 1450 to 1700. All collections offers full-colour, or greyscale, high-resolution facsimile images scanned directly from the original printed source. Each item is captured in its entirety, complete with binding, edges, endpapers, blank pages, and loose inserts.

Early English Books Online, 1473-1700 (EEBO) contains more than 125,000 titles of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America, and works in English printed elsewhere, from 1473-1700. Lund University have access to all four EEBO collections:
* Early English Books I, 1475-1640 (Pollard & Redgrave, STC I), Units 1-81 (comprising reels 1-2303 of this microfilm collection)
* Early English Books II, 1641-1700 (Wing, STC II), Units 1-132 (comprising reels 1-2960 of this microfilm collection)
* The Thomason Tracts Collection
* The Early English Books Tract Supplement Collection, Unit 1

Early European Books, printed sources to 1700 (EEB) builds upon and complements EEBO, and is largely concerned with non-Anglophone materials; all works printed in Europe before 1701, regardless of language, are included together with all pre- 1701 works in European languages printed further afield. EEB are available in four languages: English, Danish, Italian and Nederlands. Please note that Lund University only have access to these three collections:
* Collection 1 : Royal Library of Denmark in Copenhagen (KBDK)
* Collection 2 : Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (BCNF)
* Collection 3 : BNCF, KBNL and Wellcome volumes


Name Early Modern Books / Early English Books / Early European Books
Publisher/Provider ProQuest
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Type of resource Platform with ebooks in fulltext.
Fulltext format PDF, TIFF, Document image. In order to view some of the content in EEBO and EEB we recommend that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The Table of Contents opens in a pop-up so if you have a pop-up blocker you must deactivate it to be able to view them.
Accessibility Via IP address
Login authentication required No, not on LU-campus. If you are off-campus you will be prompted to login via LU's Central Authentication Service (CAS) with a Student Account or LUCAT-ID.
Number of concurrent users Multiple concurrent access (multiple people reading at the same time).
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Miscellaneous Info for Mac users: Mac users who access EEBO using Internet Explorer might experience difficulties from time to time when trying to download PDF documents from EEBO. Unfortunately nothing can be done about this as the problem is in the browser. Other Mac supported browsers like Safari do not present this problem.