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Welcome / Välkommen!

Lund University Libriaries (LUB) has purchased, or subscribes to, a great number of ebooks from different publishers. The ebooks can be accessed via LUB's discovery system LUBsearch and ePublications (ebooks and e-journals), via the library catalog at Lund University LUBcat or via the national library catalogue LIBRIS. Information about publishers, holdings, content, terms of use, printing etc., can be found in the Publisher tabs. Only registered students and staff affiliated to Lund University may access licensed ebooks and other e-resources off LU-campus. To do so you will need a Student Account or a LUCAT-ID (staff). For more information, please see the Student Portal or the Staff pages. The public (walk-in users) may be permitted access to licensed ebooks, but only within the physical premises of Lund University Libraries.

Information for librarians: See How to use ebooks for general information on the terms of use for ebooks, but please note that many publishers have additional, or higher, terms for access and use, especially for inter-library loans and supply of copies to other libraries. If you are in any doubt as to what is allowed, please contact

News & Updates

2019, Thursday 9 May - Emerald will launch a new platform in July and migrate all ebooks. A public beta version of the new platform is available at and Emerald invites users to test it and provide them with feedback.

2019, Tuesday 15 January - Problems with the Taylor & Francis eBook platform and Firefox has been reported, so if you are experiencing problems downloading ebooks etc, please try Google Chrome instead.

Contact us
This guide is created by the Section of E-resources at the University Library and it is updated continously. Please contact our support staff for all questions regarding ebooks - access, use, downloads, e-readers, problems and technical issues etc., e-mail:

Information for students and teachers: If you need help finding an ebook for a course, or if you would like to suggest a purchase, please contact the staff at the library at your faculty, List of libraries at Lund University.