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Lund University

Reference guide for APA 7th edition

Reference guide for APA 7th edition intended for students at the department of Biology and CEC, Lund University. NB! If you access the guide using a smartphone, please note that the text will open below the menu.

Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram

The instructions in this section concern posts on Twitter and Instagram. You should only cite information from a social media post if it is the primary source for the said information. Do not cite a post on social media on information which is available in for example a research article. 

When citing posts on Twitter or Instagram, the username preceded by an @ is given in brackets after the name of the author. Some posts on Twitter and Instagram will have a group author, e.g. organization, company or authority, instead of a personal author. 

Do not forget to consult the general instructions on how to write references according to APA (7th edition), including how to write in-text references and construct a reference list, the number of authors to be included, how to write references to two or more works within the same parenthesis, what to do if you have several references with the same author and publication date, how you cite specific parts of works, how to handle incomplete reference information (e.g. missing author information or no publication date), and when/how to use acronyms.


Author, A. A. [@username]. (YYYY, Month DD). Content of the post up to the first 20 words [Description of audiovisuals] [Type of content]. Site name. URL

Name of Group [@username]. (YYYY, Month DD). Content of the post up to the first 20 words [Description of audiovisuals] [Type of content]. Site name. URL


In-text references  

(Rockström, 2019)

(WWF, 2020)

Rockström (2019) commented on...

WWF (2020) tweeted that...

Reference list

Rockström, J. [@jrockstrom]. (2019, December 15). Failure of COP25 is proof of a failing world Only good thing is it shows those slowing action are matched [Tweet]. Twitter.

WWF [@WWF]. (2020, January 8). Australia's iconic wildlife is being hit hard by bushfires. Over 1 billion animals have been killed. Australia needs our support. [Image attached] [Tweet]. Twitter.