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Lund University

Reference guide for APA 7th edition

Reference guide for APA 7th edition intended for students at the department of Biology and CEC, Lund University. NB! If you access the guide using a smartphone, please note that the text will open below the menu.

Secondary sources

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The instructions on this page concern references to secondary sources. When citing a work from a secondary source, the in-text reference should include reference information on both the original work that you want to cite and the secondary source in which you have found it. However, only information about the secondary source is included in the reference list.

NB! Citing a work from a secondary source is generally to be avoided, since you are expected to have read the works you cite. You may only use a secondary source if the original source is not available, e.g. if it is very rare, impossible to get hold of or written in a language you do not understand.

Do not forget to consult the general instructions on how to write references according to APA (7th edition), including 

Examples of in-text references to secondary sources

Parenthetical citation Narrative citation
(Zhukov et al. 2017, as cited in Gritsan et al., 2019)  Zhukov et al. (2017, as cited in Gritsan et al., 2019) found that...