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Reference guide for APA 7th edition

Reference guide for APA 7th edition intended for students at the department of Biology and CEC, Lund University. NB! If you access the guide using a smartphone, the text will open below the menu.


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The instructions in this section concern references to stand-alone visual works such as artwork and photographs. When citing parts of a larger work, such as figures (illustrations or graphs) from articles or books, the reference information on the specific part of the work cited is given in the in-text citation only (see instructions under Citing part of a work). If the image has been retrieved from a website, include the URL of the website in the reference.  

NB! Use this format to cite visual works, but not to reproduce them. To reproduce visual works, permission and/or a copyright attribution may be necessary in addition to the reference (see section Reproducing visual works). 

Do not forget to consult the general instructions on how to write references according to APA (7th edition), including 

Template for how to format references to images in the reference list

Creator, A. A. (YYYY, Month DD). Title of work [Description]. Publisher. URL

Examples of in-text references to images

Parenthetical citation Narrative citation
(Blackwell, 1739) Blackwells (1739) illustration...
(De Meester, 2018) De Meester (2018) photographed...
(McKellar, 2008) In a photograph by McKellar (2008)...
(Rousseau, 1910) illustrated in a painting by Rousseau (1910).

Examples of references to images in the reference list

Blackwell, E. (1739). Red poppy [Print]. Lund University Library.

De Meester, J. (2018, March 26). Wild boar (Sus scrofa) with piglets digging up food in the soil with its snout in autumn forest in the Belgian Ardennes, Belgium [Photograph]. Britannica Image Quest.

McKellar, I. (2008, June 23). Seals [Photograph]. Flickr.

Rousseau, H. (1910). Tropical forest with monkeys [Painting]. National Gallery of Arts.