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Reference guide for APA 7th edition

Reference guide for APA 7th edition intended for students at the department of Biology and CEC, Lund University. NB! If you access the guide using a smartphone, the text will open below the menu.

Swedish laws and regulations

Läs den här sidan på svenska

NB! The APA (7th edition) manual does not contain any specific instructions on how to refer laws and regulations outside of the United States. The recommendation is instead to format the references according to guidelines in each country. According to Swedish legal practice, you use the official abbreviation for a legal document as your in-text reference and you do not provide a reference in the reference list. Please note that we have chosen to depart from this practice in our instructions by adding a reference in the reference list with information that will help the reader find the source, since the target audience of the texts produced at our departments are usually not legal practitioners. The instructions under this section are our interpretation of how to apply APA (7th edition) to Swedish laws and regulations.

When citing laws and regulations, you should make it clear to the reader what type of document you are referring to by including either the title or a description of the document together with the in-text reference the first time you cite the source. The official and authentic version of Swedish laws are published in the Swedish Code of Statutes (Svensk författningssamling, SFS), which is available online from the Swedish Government Offices. Laws are regularly updated, and accessing the publications online is a good way to make sure that you cite the latest version. If you accessed the law/regulation online, you should include the URL of the website from which it was retrieved in the reference. 

Do not forget to consult the general instructions on how to write references according to APA (7th edition), including 

Template for how to format references to swedish laws and regulations in the reference list

SFS YYYY:Number. Title. URL

Examples of in-text references to swedish laws and regulations

According to 15 c. 11 § in the Swedish Environmental Code (SFS 1998:808)...

The Swedish Environmental Assessment Ordinance (SFS 2013:251) regulates...

As stated in 57 § of the Swedish Waste Ordinance (SFS 2011:927)... 

In 10 § of the Swedish Animal Welfare Act (SFS 1988:534) it is stated...

Examples of references to swedish laws and regulations in the reference list

SFS 1988:534. Djurskyddslag [Swedish Animal Welfare Act].

SFS 1998:808. Miljöbalk [Swedish Environmental Code].

SFS 2011:927. Avfallsförordning [Swedish Waste Ordinance].

SFS 2013:251. Miljöprövningsförordning [Swedish Environmental Assessment Ordinance].