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Lund University

Reference guide for APA 7th edition - Short version

Short version of the reference guide for APA 7th edition, a guide intended for students at the departments of Biology and Environmental Science at Lund University on how to format references according to the APA style.

Part of series

Part of series

The instructions in this section is valid for references to audiovisual works that are part of a series, e.g. a TV or podcast series. If the work has been accessed online, include the URL of the website. 


Creator, A. A. (Role), & Creator, B. B. (Role). (YYYY, Month DD). Title of episode (Season #, Episode #) [Description]. In B. B. Creator (Role), Title of series. Publisher. URL

Creator, A. A. (Role), & Creator, B. B. (Role). (YYYY, Month DD). Title of episode (No. #) [Description]. In Title of podcast. Publisher. URL


In-text references  

(Attenborough & Lucas, 1995)           

(Crespi, 2019)

Attenborough and Lucas (1995) showcase this...

In an episode of the Science Podcast, Crespi (2019) intervjued...

Reference list

Attenborough, D. (Writer), & Lucas, N. (Director). (1995, February 1). The social struggle (Season 1, Episode 4) [TV series episode]. In M. Salisbury (Executive producer), The private life of plants. BBC Natural History Unit; Turner Broadcasting System.

Crespi, S. (Host). (2019, November 14). How to make an Arctic ship ‘vanish,’ and how fast-moving spikes are heating the Sun’s atmosphere [Audio podcast]. In Science podcasts. Science.