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Lund University

Reference guide for APA 7th edition - Short version

Short version of the reference guide for APA 7th edition, a guide intended for students at the departments of Biology and Environmental Science at Lund University on how to format references according to the APA style.

Commission reports

Commission reports

The instructions in this section are valid for references to Commission reports (utskottsbetänkanden)If you accessed the report online, include the URL of the website from which it was retrieved in the reference.

Committee (YYYY). Title of report (Report number). Publisher. URL


In-text references  

(Miljö- och jordbruksutskottet, 2019)

(Trafikutskottet, 2019)

Enligt Miljö- och jordbruksutskottet (2019)...

Trafikutskottet (2018) menar att...

Reference list

Miljö- och jordbruksutskottet. (2019). Utgiftsområde 20 Allmän miljö- och naturvård (2019/20:MJU1). Swedish Parliament.

Trafikutskottet. (2019). Kollektivtrafik (2018/19:TU13). Swedish Parliament.