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Specialisering i klinisk handledning av läkarstudenter 2019

Mer om lärandekultur

Nedan hittar du resurser att ta del av om du vill ha mer kött på benen kring lärandekulturer och lärandemiljö.

  • The hidden curriculum of medical schools (The New York Times 2009)

    "Even established clinicians can be re-inspired to adopt new humanistic skills, becoming better teachers and role models in the process. In the study, groups of established physician-teachers from five different academic medical centers met at least twice a month. During the meetings, the doctors either practiced skills designed to enhance compassion, or reflected on their own work through discussion and narrative writing.

    After 18 months, residents and medical students at each of the medical centers evaluated the physician-teachers, as well as a “control group” of faculty, on such matters as listening carefully and connecting with others, teaching communication and relationship-building skills, and inspiring the adoption of caring attitudes toward patients.

    At all five sites, those physician-teachers who participated in the program consistently outscored the controls"https://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/30/health/29chen.html

  • Pressures to "measure up" in surgery: managing your image and managing your patient. En litteraturgenomgång som exemplifierar hur lärandekultur och det s.k "hidden curriculum" påverkar lärande och beteenden i kirurgi-miljöer.

Om läkarstudenters verksamhetsintegrerade lärande (ViL)