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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: LUBsearch Tools


LUBsearch Discovery and ePublications use web sessions, which means you can't reuse the link from your browsers' URL field (you can't copy and share the link with someone, since it won't work once the session has run out). In order to share links to searches and/or records, you have to create a permalink.

To create a permalink for a search, click Share in the top right corner of the result list (copy the link):


To create a permalink to a record, you'll need to go to the detailed record. Then you click Permalink in the right hand menu. The permalink will appear above the record, ready for copying and sharing:



EBSCO account & My Folder

To download some of our e-books you're required to have an EBSCO account, which you also need if you wish to use My Folder. Please note that the EBSCO account has nothing to do with your Lund University credentials.

To create an account (or sign in), click My Folder in the top right corner of LUBsearch:


You can save records etc. even when you haven't signed in, but if you don't sign in to your EBSCO account everything saved in your folder will disappear when you close your tab/browser or when the session runs out.

When you've signed in to your EBSCO account the menu looks like this:


In My Folder you can save searches, result lists and records.

To save searches and result lists, click Share in the top right corner of the result list. Choose if you want to save the result list (50 results) or your search:


To save a specific record, click the blue folder in the right corner of the record:



Citation & reference management

In LUBsearch Discovery it's possible to create references in different citation styles. It's also possible to export references in different formats and to different software applications.

From a detailed record you can click Cite in the right hand menu to get a reference in several citation styles:


If you want to export the reference to e.g. EndNote, click Export in the right hand menu: