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Content in LUBsearch

In LUBsearch, you search information about a large number of research publications. The content is much more extensive than in any specific separate database. The entire LUBcat catalogue and all the research in LUP (through SwePub) is included in LUBsearch.

The index in LUBsearch comprises an extensive basic index together with around 100 partial databases. The information in the index consists of three types of metadata:

  1. Information from bibliographic databases with checked, independent information on research articles and books. Many licensed databases are included in LUBsearch’s index, e.g. Web of Science and Scopus.
  2. Information from publishers such as titles, volumes and issue numbers, often author abstracts and the subject words provided by the publisher, and in many cases the articles in full text. In cases where the full text is indexed, you can get results on the content of the articles even if Lund University does not have access to the journal or the relevant volume.
  3. Information from the library catalogue LUBcat which gathers the main physical collections of the libraries at Lund University.

At the bottom of the left hand menu in LUBsearch, you can see the content provider databases from which the results originated. It is possible to exclude some content providers or to choose only one (see images below). By choosing one single bibliographic database, such as MEDLINE, you can use the database-specific search syntax.

Source Database facet in the left hand menu:

source databases

If you select Show more, you can choose among all the databases from which the search gave results:

source databases