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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: What is LUBsearch?

What is LUBsearch?

LUBsearch is Lund University Libraries’ search service that provides access to large parts of the libraries’ electronic and physical collections.

Please check out the introduction video above, and proceed to read below about the different parts that LUBsearch consists of.


Search engine


The search engine for articles, ebooks, books, etc. (LUBsearch’s first page) is a specialised search engine with a large index of entries from research publishers and from subject databases (including Scopus and Web of Science). The content of the library catalogue, LUBcat, is also included, along with large parts of Lund University Research Portal through SwePub.

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ePublications is a search tool which makes it possible to search for the material of which the metadata isn't indexed in LUBsearch. It is not possible to make a title search for these articles, instead you have to search using the name of the journal, name of the book, subject terms, ISSN, or ISBN.

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Databases A-Z


Databases Ais a compilation of free and licensed databases and online services which the libraries at Lund University consider essential for a particular subject.

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Guide content

In this guide you'll find the following pages about LUBsearch: