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Lund University

LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: LUBsearch from home

LUBsearch from home

You can access LUBsearch from home at the libraries’ shared web page or http://lubsearch.lub.lu.se. It is possible to search LUBsearch without logging in; however, if you don't log in you cannot see all the results on your result list nor access LU’s licensed e-resources.

In order to use LUBsearch as an authorised user, click Hello, Guest. Login for full access at the top of the window (see image below): 




If you click the Hello, Guest link or one of the Full Text Finder buttons in the results list without having logged in, a window for Lund University’s central authorisation service (CAS) will appear, requiring you to log in with your student account or your LUCAT identity.



Logging in means that you can access all the licensed e-resources from our suppliers thorugh the libraries’ proxy-server.