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All e-books purchased by Lund University, but also many Open Access e-books, are searchable in LUBsearch and ePublications
In ePublications you can only search e-books by title, author or ISBN. 

If you want to learn more about the terms and conditions from different publishers you can find that, and much more information in the LibGuide eBooks @ Lund UniversityFor example you can find information about downloading, printing, if a certain software is required and information regarding loan periods since these tend to differ from publisher to publisher and from the different platforms.

Some of the information collected in the e-book guide is also available directly in LUBsearch and ePublications at the icon Terms of use:

Click on Terms of Use:

By clicking on More information you will be redirected to the ebook guide where you can find more information about all the specific publishers.


All e-journals purchased or subscribed to by Lund University, but also many Open Access e-journals, are searchable in LUBsearch and ePublications. In LUBsearch many journals are indexed on article level, which means that you can search for article titles, authors etc. In ePublications you can only search journals by title or ISSN. In ePublications it is easy to get an overview of which access and from which publisher the access is provided. It is also clearly indicated which coverage we have, since the start year and end year/current coverage is indicated directly after the publisher name.  


All licensed databases that Lund University have are available in Databases A-Z. Databases A-Z also contain links to open resources that might be of use for students and employees at Lund University. However, some of the open databases has articles that requires a subscription, for example PubMed and Google Scholar. To be able to access those, you might have to alter your settings (see further down this page).

When searching Databases A-Z you'll see a result list containing different symbols:

means that the database is entirely or partially searchable in LUBsearch.

means that Lund University pays or subscribes to the database. If you are not using the Lund University network you will be required to log in for access.

appears on all databases. Click the symbol to get to brief information describing the content of the database.


In PubMed you can get a Full Text Finder icon which links to the full text. The links are accessible if you use this link.

Under each entry, a Full Text Finder icon appears in the upper right hand corner. If the University has the article in full text, you reach it directly, if not you choose article request (interlibrary loan copy) via your faculty library.

If you are working from home, you need to log in to access full text links.

If you have a PubMed account you can choose in your profile for Full Text Finder to appear when you are logged in.

Google Scholar

You can get links to the journals to which Lund University Library subscribes in Google Scholar. If you are working within the LU network, Full Text Finder will appear automatically. 

In order for the links to appear outside the University network, you have to go to Settings and look for Lund University Libraries – LU Full Text Finder under Library links and tick the box. If you are logged in with a Google account, the settings will be saved (otherwise they are based on cookies which are deleted). When you then search, a link called LU Full Text Finder appears on the articles we have according to ePublications.

Unlike PubMed, only links to Lund University holdings appear.

If you are also employed at Region Skåne, you can also activate their link in Google Scholar to get full text links to more articles. Before you can see the full text, you need to be logged in to the relevant system. If you are working outside the LU network, you need to log in to access our resources.