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Common error messages

This picture can occur with a few different text explanations. Maybe you haven't been active in LUBsearch for the past two hours and the session has run out? If so, go to LUBsearch to start a new session. If it hasn't gone two hours, please try clearing your browsers' cache and cookies and restart the browser. If this doesn't work, please contact the University Library and we will help you as soon as we can. There is a tool for mending broken links, if you got this message opening a link someone else sent you, please try this tool to fix broken links.

Below you'll find other common error messages and how to solve the issue causing them.

A System Problem has occured


LUBsearch uses dynamical links, and when you're given this error message it usually is because the link no longer is valid. The problem should be fixed by clearing your cookies and cache and restarting your browser.

DOI Prefix Not Found

If you receive this error message while using LUBsearch or Full Text Finder there probably is something wrong with the DOI (Digital Object Identifier)-number for the article. Due to this the system isn't able to locate the article.


To allow ... to be used in a starting point URL

This error message appears when you use a link that isn't recognized by the university server that allows access outside campus. Contact the University Library via the e-mail address info@ub.lu.se and we will help you as soon as we can. Please attach a screen shot of the error message.