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Writing and sources

A guide on writing and the use of sources intended for students at the department of Biologi and CEC.

Reference management

Managing references can be irksome and time-consuming, especially when you are dealing with a large number of sources. Using a reference management program may facilitate this work. Reference management programs allow you to import references from various databases and organize them, create references according to different reference styles or journal requirements and import full text files. They can also be used to incorporate references into your text and create a proper reference list at the end of your work.

Be aware that the reference management programs are not infallible, and the imported records might include errors. Consequently, it might be necessary to edit the created references and reference lists afterwards.

Reference management software

There are several different reference management programs to choose from. Lund University has a collective license for EndNote, which all student or employees can utilize. To learn more about EndNote, see Lund University Libraries guide Reference management. There are also many other programs available, some of which you will need to buy a license for while others can be downloaded for free. Examples of free software are Zotero and Mendeley.

Exporting references 

Many databases and search engines, such as Web of Science, Scopus, LubSearch, LIBRIS and Google Scholar, have a function where you can create and export references according to different reference systems. Be aware that it might be necessary to edit the created reference afterwards, since the exported references will sometimes include errors. You might also need to make some changes for the record to correspond with a more specific reference style.