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Writing and sources

A guide on writing and the use of sources intended for students at the department of Biologi and CEC.


Plagiarism means to imitate or copy the work of someone else and present it as your own. This applies to text, both literary and factual, but it also includes works such as lectures, PowerPoint-presentations, databases, photographs, drawings, tables and diagrams. Plagiarism is not accepted at Lund University, nor within the scientific community at large.

Plagiarism can be both intentional and unintentional. To avoid unintentional plagiarism, it is important that you always acknowledge the sources you use by citing and referencing them in a correct manner. It must be clear to the reader when the words and ideas are your own and when you are paraphrasing, summarizing or quoting someone else.

Lund University has collective guidelines and regulations on plagiarism. Cases of suspected plagiarism are reported to the University Disciplinary Board. Students found guilty of plagiarism are given a warning or a suspension of up to six months. During the suspension, the student is not allowed to take part in any class or examinations.

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