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Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: Constitutional Courts

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute's Guide to Human Rights and Humanitarian Law


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Constitutional law versus supreme courts by Lech Garlicki, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights
(Int J of Constitutional Law) International Journal of Constitutional Law (2007) 5: 44-68

Desperately seeking Europe: On comparative methodology and the conception of rights
International Journal of Constitutional Law (2007) 5: 166-182

Judicialization of politics: The post-Soviet way
Abstract of the article by Armen Mazmanian Director, Center for Constitutional Studies, Apella Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
 International Journal of Constitutional Law  13 (1): 200-218

A crisis of constitutional democracy in post-Communist Europe: “Lands in-between” democracy and authoritarianism
International Journal of Constitutional Law  13 (1): 219-245.

Symposium: The evolving concept of citizenship in constitutional law
Dual citizenship as human righs
By Peter J. Spiro
International Journal of Constitutional Law (2010) 8 (1): 111-130

Vienna Journal of International Constitutional Law

Think Tanks, Research and Teaching

The International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL)