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Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

The Raoul Wallenberg Institute's Guide to Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

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Regional Resources

Human Rights Resource Centre ASEAN

The ratification of the ASEAN Charter in 2008 brought with it the historic commitment from ASEAN to establish an ASEAN human rights body. ASEAN has now fulfilled this promise by establishing the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR)

Business and Human Rights Resource Center ASEAN

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is the only non-profit organization drawing attention to the human rights impacts (positive & negative) of over 5100 companies, operating in over 180 countries.  Their website is relied on by businesspeople, advocates, governments, investors and the UN

Human Rights in South Asia- NGO

Taking care that human rights are respected is a real problem in some parts of the world, especially as far as women and children are concerned. Southeast Asia is one of the regions with a most delicate situation concerning this matter.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is an independent, non-partisan, international non-governmental organisation, mandated to ensure the practical realisation of human rights in the countries of the Commonwealth

Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions

The Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (CFNHRI) is an informal and inclusive body of Commonwealth National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and other national accountability mechanisms with a human rights mandate

 Asia Pacific Forum – Advancing Human Rights in Our Region

The APF advances human rights in the Asia Pacific through their member organisations. They facilitate the formation and growth of national human rights institutions by providing training, networking and resource sharing


1.      WOMEN

The alternative report of CEDAW Malaysia 2011 coordinated and edited by Women’s Aid Organizations (WAO).

A topic of great misunderstanding and distortion due partly to a lack of understanding, but also partly due to misbehavior of some Muslims which has been taken to represent the teachings of Islam.

A brief description on women rights in East Timor in overcoming deep poverty and the terrible impact of conflict, and in building capacity to participate in social, economic and political decision-making processes.



The article about the needs of children with disability in Malaysia has become more important concerns in recent years. The meeting has discussed the outcomes of the need disable children in terms of learning, welfare and so forth

A description about children rights in Timor Leste

A description about children rights in Thailand

A description about children rights in Malaysia





A study demonstrates that the majority of the elderly have a moderate level of self-concept. It is very important for the authority in old folk’s home to do something to improve self-concept of these elderly residents.


5.    LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender) People

A new publication on sexual orientation and gender identity in international human rights law. It sets out the source and scope of some of the core legal obligations that States have to protect the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.