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Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies Subject Guide

Scholarly Publications and the Scholarly Publication Process

To learn more about the scholarly / scientific publication process and which document types you can find within that process, see the Types of Information Resources page.

Peer review in 3 minutes

This video was created at North Carolina State University Libraries:

Tools for identifying and comparing scholarly journals

By using tolls like the ones presented below you can see whether a journal is peer- reviewed or not, if it has a high ranking within its subject area, etc. It’s a good way to start when you looking at a new journal and wants to evaluate its quality or impact.

Search for Scholarly Publications

You can search for scholarly publications in several databases available via Lund University. Do have in mind that some databases might contain other publications than scholarly articles, so tick peer-reviewed publications limitor for scholarly publications.

Here are some suggestions for databases focused on scholarly publications:

Reference Management Tools