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Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies Subject Guide

Search Strategy & Information Monitoring


  • Search Strategy
    When you try to find your way in the information landscape a strategy for searching certainly can come in handy. This page will make you aware of the process and give you some tips and tricks of how to conduct efficient searches.
  • Types of Information Sources
    You encounter a lot of different resources when you search for information. Here we try to introduce you to the most common types of resources.
  • Source Criticism (Källkritik)
    When you have found your material, it is important to evaluate if it is relevant for you (i.e. for your paper, thesis or other assignment).
  • Information Monitoring
    There are several ways to monitor information to cover your information need and to keep you up to date in your academic field or with your general interests. This page will get you an idea of how to go about it.