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Lund University

Film Library at the Social Sciences Faculty

Sambib purchases films for educational purposes that the faculty teachers can use

Film License for the Social Sciences Faculty

We have a license from Swedish Film for educational screening at the faculty of films from certain film companies, mostly American but also SF (Svensk Filmindustri). The license covers the rights to screen films from the participating companies and the library or teachers at the faculty can purchase, borrow or rent these films on DVD from anywhere.

Streamed movies are now also covered by the license agreement, that is if you find a movie produced by one of the film companies covered by the license, via a legal TVOD service (transactional video on demand) then you can stream it in class. TVOD refers to online content that is made available to the public for a one-time fee, either as rental or purchase, at services like Blockbuster or SF Anytime. Services that requires a subscription (SVOD-services) like Amazon Prime or ViaPlay are not covered by the license.

TVOD-services uses personal accounts and personal payment methods/credit cards, so it is recommended that teachers rent or purchase the film and apply for compensation afterwards in Primula. The film license gives us the right to screen the film in class on location. Rentals/purchases at TVOD-services should or cannot be used in Zoom/alike or shared in Canvas.

The license also gives us the possibility to screen films available at the Swedish Film streaming platform Film och skola but only on location. It's a  platform only to be used in classroom daytime (no individual streaming access) . Please contact me for more information.