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Lund University

Film Library at the Social Sciences Faculty

Sambib purchases films for educational purposes that the faculty teachers can use

Are you interested in screening a film in class?

The library looks into every film of interest and investigates if it’s possible to get hold of with educational screening rights, which we must have for screening films at the university. Welcome to contact me with purchase suggestions!

First of all, the Social Sciences Faculty has a film license for screening films from certain movie companies, find out more what this means!

Sambib has a collection of DVD:s with educational rights available for classroom screening, welcome to borrow! Contact me and I will send the film over to you or place it at the circulation desk for pick-up.

It is possible to suggest films for purchase on DVD from any distributor or vendor who offer films with educational rights, see a compilation of distributors in the Social Sciences.

We can order access to specific films at streaming platforms in the educational area, like Kanopy and Film Platform, and get campus access. LU also has campus access to video content for streaming at some databases like PsycTherapy (APA), Sage Research Methods and UR Access.

If a film is available for educational purposes but only as video-on-demand for a very short period of time, i.e. when the library cannot get a physical copy of the film or licensed campus access on an established streaming platform, see if you can rent it at cost of the department.