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Lund University

Film Library at the Social Sciences Faculty

Sambib purchases films for educational purposes that the faculty teachers can use

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the film I'm looking for doesn't seem to be available for screening in educational settings?

When a film is difficult to find for sale with educational rights, we can try to contact the distributor or production company directly to see if they can help us and make it happen.

But if not, then what?

When the answer is no, and the requested film isn't available for educational purposes, there is the possibility of letting students see the film on their own. Many films are available at a small cost at several streaming platforms for private persons, for a comparison of different legal streaming platforms regarding a specific title see Vodeville. The department decides whether a film can be included in a compulsory literature list when it cannot be bought with an educational license.

What about Netflix and alike SVOD-services?

Unfortunately, subscription streaming platforms or channels with the public as their primary customers like Netflix, HBO, DPlay and ViaPlay does not engage with universities & educational institutions.

Can students borrow the films at the library?

The films on DVD are purchased with institutional screening rights, without the possibility for individual home loans by students. They can only be borrowed by the teachers at the Social Sciences Faculty (following the terms of the Swedish Film license ). BUT films on streaming platforms with a campus license are available for all students and teachers at Lund University via LU-accounts!

Can you make a requested film available for streaming through LU- student accounts?

It depends on how the film is being offered for purchase. The library has so far been buying film for educational purposes on DVD or on existing streaming platforms, but are currently looking into how we can store and give access to movies being offered for sales only as digital files. For example DER.org is a  major supplier of films, who besides DVD:s offer digital files for storage on our own or on third-party servers, but more commonly smaller distributors of films.

Can I as a teacher screen films from Sambibs DVD-collection by using tools like Zoom and by sharing the screen with the students?

This differs and depends on where the library has bought the film. Films bought under the license from Swedish Film are NOT allowed to be screened using different video/conference tools. To know what applies for a specific film, contact me. Screening film by using for instance zoom is also dependable on the students network connections working well at the time of the screening.