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Gender Studies: Reference works and Journals

Reference works

In reference works (handbooks, companions, research surveys and subject specific encyclopedias) you will  find summaries of research on a particular topic, structured for quick reference. It's an excellent starting point for further information searching on a specific subject, giving you an introduction to the key scholars, ideas and references in the area.

You can try yo combine your search terms with the word "handbook" in for example Libris or LUBsearch to see if there are available handbooks in that subject. In handbooks, the articles are often written by prominent scholars in the field, while encyclopedias will give you more basic introduction and definitions of subject terminology.

Some reference works (e-books)

  Browse scholarly journals

Scholarly journals in gender studies - a selection

The journals are available in fulltext. Some are open access, some journals are available through the university subscription. Use your STiL-account when log-in is requested.

These titles are only a selection of scholarly journals in gender studies - Kilden has a more comprehensive index.