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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Kemicentrum's library

Access to e-resources off campus

All employees and students at Lund University have access to most of our licensed electronic resources, such as databases, e-journals and e-books, from outside the campus network. 

Start at the Kemicentrum library web page or start at any of the Lund University Libraries' web pages. Please note that you must access through the libraries web pages in order to access the licensed resources. Our library website is configured so that when you click a database link off campus, you will be prompted to login.

The easiest way to get access off campus is often to go to LUBsearch first and login as a guest with your Student ID or LUCAT account. 

 Before using Scifinder off campus you have to create an account on a computer connected to the University network. You have to use the student or staff e-mail:  Create an account in Scifinder

 Google Scholar with access to fulltexts off campus:  

If you cannot find a link with the proxy information included, add the proxy prefix in front of the URL.  That prefix is: http://ludwig.lub.lu.se/login?url=


VPN (Virtual Personal Network)

You can also use a VPN connection. VPN  is a technology that enables you to log in to the University's computer network wherever you are in the world. The VPN gives you an IP address belonging to Lund University. This means that you are taken to be directly connected to the network, which is required for certain services.

Guides in English: https://luservicedesk.service-now.com/support_en?id=kb_view2_en