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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Kemicentrum's library

Data, chemical properties

  •  Scifinder-N

SciFinder-N provides access to the world's most comprehensive and authoritative source of references, substances and reactions in chemistry, chemical engineering, food, biomedicine and related sciences. The new database includes all content from the previous SciFinder version with new additional features. It contains the PatentPak modul, which can quickly localize chemical information within patents, and chemical reactions are documented in greater details. The previous Scifinder version will still be available.

If you have used Scifinder before, use your current SciFinder username and password to login.

New users will need to create an account. Please note that registrations only can be done from computers within the LU IP-range. You have to use a Lund University email address at the registration. Create an account

ACS information: FAQ — Quick start guide — How-to videos — Searching in SciFinder-N

   •  CSD – Cambridge Structural Database 
This database can be used from a specific computer in the library at Kemicentrum. If you want to use the database at your office,
      please contact the librarian Cajsa Andersson. Link to CSD website.

  •   ICSD – the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database 
     The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) is the world's largest database of fully determined inorganic crystal structures, from elements
to quintenary compounds.