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Lund University

Learning - Theory and Application 2021: Individual assignment

Instructions for the individual assignment

Individual assignment

All your assignments should uploaded in QPS

  1. Preliminary Plan
    Deadline 22/9 17.00
    Create a plan for your individual assignment by using the form, “Template for Project plan” found above in this box.
  2. Feedforward on peers' plan
    You will give oral feedforward to other plans. This will be organized during the course meeting on Thursady. Use the material on Feedback/Feedforward in the box on this page.
  3. Final assignment
    Deadline 24/9 17.00

    Submit your revised projectplan.
    Write and submit your individual assignment to “URKUND” and QPS, see box Criteria for the individual assignment on this page.

Feedback - Feed forward

Collaboration and feedback
Perspective on learning is characterised by collaboration and collaborative learning - not only the classroom meetings but also the two main assignments: the group work and individual project. We have designed the course this way, not only because we believe it to be an effective and enjoyable way to learn but also to give you a sense of what it could be, as a “student”, to study in a collaborative setting.

For this to work we rely on all for an open but respectful atmosphere and for everyone to use his or her critical capabilities in a helpful and constructive manner. Personal experiences of teaching and learning, as well as “tricks of the trade” are most welcome. For the feedback-process to work, especially for the individual project, it is very important for all to meet the deadlines (see Time-line, full or part time). Here are some advice on how to give, and receive, good feedback for the individual projects:

Try to give feedback based from these perspectives:
1. Feedback (how is the report so far)
2. Feed forward (how can the author improve his or her work in order to meet the criteria and learning outcomes)

Some general aspect for peer review.

• You may direct the attention of the person due to give you feedback to areas you find particular tricky, or need advice on. Simply write a few lines at the top of the text, indicating what and where you need feedback
• Be subjective, i.e. let the author know what parts you find unclear or difficult to follow.
• Use questions rather than statements
• Be articulate in your critique, not only on the parts that need to be improved, but also on the parts you find to be very good
• Use the Project criteria and the learning outcomes when you give feedback
• Review and offer comments on both content and form
• Support your statements/questions with relevant references

Criteria for for the individual assignment

Criteria for the individual assignment
The individual assignment involves planning for how a learning activity may be designed within your own area of practice. Based on some reading about pedagogical models write a reflection on how the chosen learning activity can create favourable conditions for learning.


  • The assignment is of relevance to teaching and learning in higher education or to related professional development.
  • The content is consistent with the learning outcomes of this course, also in relation to depth and breadth, which means that
    • the chosen learning activity intends to enhance student learning, based on the intended learning outcomes for the activity, the context and research on learning
    • you argue and explain choices of learning activities that agree with intended learning outcomes and knowledge about student learning based on pedagogical models and theories.


  • There must be clearly stated source references in the text and reference list.
  • Your products are original, and not copied or previously used.
  • Clear structure that is easy to follow, reasonably large text for the purpose, 700 – 1000 words.

Ouriginal (old Urkund)

Ouriginal (old Urkund) is the system we are recommended to use for antiplagiarism control in education. Therefore we use it in the course, so that you all get acquainted with how it works.

You will find information about it at https://www.urkund.com/the-urkund-system/

You will send in your presentation to my urkund address and it will then be forwarded to you, so that you can see how the analysis works.

sten.erici.lu[at]analys.urkund.se  (replace [at] with @)

Every teacher at Lund University may get their own Ouriginal-address.