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Lund University

Learning - Theory and Application 2021: Schedule

Schedule Monday - Thursday

Monday 20/9


Zoom meeting
Being a teacher and learning-  various perspectives


Individual preparations

Tuesday 21/9   


Individual preparations


Zoom meeting
Learning  - large group, small group, single student

Wednesday 22/9 (no preschuled hours)

Teamwork, in your team:
Create a zoom room
Decide when to meet

Collaborative work (no prescheduled hours)

Deadline 13.00


Submit the team work (QPS)
Submit self feedback (QPS)

Deadline 17.00

Submit preliminary project plan. (QPS)
Submit "A letter from a future student" (QPS)
Submit a CAT (Classroom Assessment Technique) in Survey and Report

Prepare for Thursday

Prepare for the debate on Thursday, see 'Guidelines for Debate’.  

Thursday 23/9


Zoom meeting
Feedback & Assessment.
Oral feed-forward to at least two course participants

Friday 24/9
Deadline 17.00 Final assignment

Submit your revised projectplan