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Lund University

Learning - Theory and Application 2021: Wednesday


Team project                                     Individual projects       


No scheduled hours with the staff.
You should create your own meetings in e.g. Zoom, Teams etc

13.00 deadline group assignment

17.00 deadline individual assignments

For details, look at the course pages in QPS.

Preparations for Thursday

  • Read the instructions on the debate
  • Read two articles from the box "Prepare before the debate"

Instructions on the debate


  • to discuss tutoring, assessment/examination and feedback on the basis of arguments informed by the required reading,
  • to let you as a course participant experience debate as a learning activity and consider if and how this form could be used in your own context?

Theme and preparation

Before the debate, each course participant reads at least one article on the theme of Examination and one article on the theme of Feedback (see box Prepare before the debate)

Content and framework of the debate

The teachers involved in a medical education program are intensely engaged in a discussion during the preparations of the upcoming course. Last time, the exam results from the course were poor, thus few students passed the course. It is now of vital importance to plan for improvement. During this teachers’ meeting a debate. One group of teachers promote formative optional weekly diagnostic assessments, to support students and teachers (A) and one group support weekly assessments, but graded (B).After this meeting (debate) the decision has to be made.

What arguments can you bring to defend your position?

Debate procedure
In the debate, the participants will take on different roles: group A, group B and a questioning group (group Q).You will be didvied into groups of 6-7 participants representing the roles A, B and Q in each group. There will be 2-3 persons for each role.

The questioning group (Q) will:
- formulate and address provocative questions to group A and B.
- moderate the debate
- make a concluding summary after the debate.

  1. Each group (A,B, Q) will first discuss the issue, define arguments or questions (approx. 20 minutes).
  2. Group A and B then start the debate with their opening remarks, max 2 minutes each.
  3. Then the debate proceeds with group Q leading and directing the debate (approx 15 min)
  4. Prior to the concluding remarks each group will gather a couple of minutes to polish their final statements.
  5. To be concluded with a closing speech, max 2 minutes each.