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Lund University

Perspectives on Program MedCUL : Work with Box

To work with Box

To work with LU Box

LU Box is the digital platform where you as a course participant

  • upload documents such as project plan, progress report and draft and the final report 
  • sign up for course meetings/tuning points and peer review feedback exchange
  • can ask questions that other course participants or a teacher can answer.

You can access the Box-material by logging in to or through the app, which you can download to your mobile/tablet. After logging in, you can also access the Box's embedded content here at LibGuide, such as the booking list which you can find under the Timeline & Course elements description thumbnail => Reconciliation opportunities.  

Each part has its own folder where you upload the document you want to submit. Rename uploaded documents

Name of the course part - First and last name - Theme or name of the project

Exemple: Draught- Anna Andersson - Curriculum mapping. 

The more uniform, the easier it can be to orient and find each other's documents.

If you create your own folder in Box for working material, remember to also upload individual documents in the course parts' folders, not just in your own folder. You can comment documents by pressing the speech bubble in the bottom corner when a document is opened. Note will only be sent if you have tagged someone (by writing @ First name Last name) but anyone with access to the box can see the comment.