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Lund University

Perspectives on Program MedCUL : Course Information

Course information

Target group 
Teaching staff at the medical faculty who have completed at least five weeks of higher education pedagogical education and wish to carry out a pedagogical development project at the program level to achieve 10 weeks of qualifying higher education pedagogical education.

Admission requirements
Completion of the courses Perspectives on Learning and Perspectives on Course Design, or the equivalent that fullfil the objectives at the level of 1-5 weeks.

The aim of this course is to prepare the participants to be able to take overall management responsibility within the faculty's programs at undergraduate or advanced level.

Scope and Assessment
The course covers 200 hours of work on a higher education pedagogical development project, including peer review and group meetings. For course certificate, approved reports according to instructions are required.

Academic leadership, educational organization and governance, quality and development work at program level, learning, learning environments.

Course Design
Track a: A project is carried out by the course participant with the support of group supervision, peer review and relevant literature. The project plan must be approved before the development work can start.
Track b: The course is conducted in portfolio format and consists of several smaller reports, which can be completed one by one. Group tutorial in workshop format. Written and oral presentation is included.


Learning outcomes
On completion of the course, participants shall be able to

  • explain how education is organized and led, nationally and locally at Lund University and at the Faculty of Medicine, and reflect on leadership in higher education
  • reflect on society's goals with higher education, its core values, national and local regulations and how these affect the implementation of education and professional practice as a teacher
  • reason about the conditions for learning in a program perspective, based on pedagogical theory and experience from one's own subject field
  • problematize the importance of learning environments for students' learning, compare such environments at different levels within a program or between programs and propose evaluation and development of them
  • reason about quality work within a program and based on that propose change / development work with support in current pedagogical literature
  • utilize, analyse and communicate own and others' experiences as well as relevant results of research as a basis for the development of education and of one's own profession.


Criteria for the project report are that the content is consistent with the learning objectives of the course and

  • is well-anchored in the educational program with educational relevance and significance for own course / teaching as well as consequences for neighboring courses and education in general (How does your educational element come into the whole of the education? How is the connection to earlier and later parts of the education made visible (for student, teacher, program)?)
  • analyzes the competencies that are intended to be developed among the students and how the students' starting position and development are assessed / made visible / utilized
  • argues about how reconciliation opportunities for feedback, assessment and examination are planned (What needs do you see that students and teachers may have?)
  • focuses on the pedagogical form and the students' learning, taking into account the specific content of the course, and identifies the pedagogically generalizable (What educational literature are you based on?)
  • describes, with substantiated argumentation, what learning environments (physical, digital) education is conducted in and how these environments can be developed in an appropriate and sustainable way
  • describes what the change is expected to lead to and why this is desirable
  • describes how the project is to be evaluated.

When you look at your project; Do you think it meets the learning outcomes in terms of both depth and breadth?