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Education incl. PA & HR: Scholarly Publication

What is a scholarly journal?

Scholarly journals have collections of articles written by scholars or experts in academic and professional fields. The articles can be presenting new research findings from empirical studies or make critical examinations of previous research, or focus on developing new theories.

 A scholarly journal article undergoes a "peer-review" - process, where other scholars in the field are ascertaining the scholarly quality of the article, before its publication. An original article presenting  new research are also characterized by following a text-structure with certain sections:

  • Abstract (summary of content)
  • Introduction (purpose and problem)
  • Method and Material 
  • Results
  • Analysis and Discussion
  • References

Tools for identifying and comparing scholarly journals

Find out more about specific scholarly journals and articles, for example citations and impact factor.

How to Identify Scholarly Journals

Research Minutes is a series for undergraduate students at Cornell University covering library research topics.

Peer review in 3 minutes

This video was created at North Carolina State University Libraries:

What is scholarly publishing?

How do I differ a scholarly journal from a popular magazine? Read more about this and on scholarly publishing in these guides: