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Reference management

A Libguide on how to use software tools for reference management

What is Harvard?

The Harvard reference style comes in many shapes, and it is not like the APA style one style with very strict rules. Many reference styles, many journals, many departments and scientists use a reference style based on the Harvard style. Harvard is an 'author/date' system, so your in-text citation consists of author(s) and year of publication. The references in the bibliography should be arranged in alphabetic order. Reference styles based upon the Harvard style is common in humanities, history, and social sciences.

Example of Harvard reference style:

Example text:

This text (Monbiot, 2011) is the beginning of something new (Öquist and Benner, 2012: , p. 5-8 ; Walters, 2007). So that’s it (De Bellis, 2009: , p. 4; Webber and Johnston, 2006).




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(This Bibliography is created in EndNote by using the output style Sage Harvard)