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Lund University

Reference management: Legacy RefWorks

A Libguide on how to use software tools for reference management

Using Legacy (old) RefWorks

Lund University currently has a "soft migration" period for New RefWorks. This means Legacy (old) RefWorks and New RefWorks will both be available for a while, until January 2018. In this section you'll find information related to Legacy RefWorks collected in one place. 

...move legacy account to New RefWorks

The New Refworks platform is now available at Lund University. If you have an account in legacy RefWorks and wish to use New RefWorks instead, login as usual and click on the banner on top (see image above) to migrate your account to the new platform. Legacy ("old") Refworks will still be available until January 2018.

RefWorks Short Guide

This is a guide to some aspects of (legacy) RefWorks that are relevant when you write in law and use footnotes and databases at Lund University. For help with the basic details, please use the Help File in RefWorks.

Help within the system

The most comprehensive instruction you'll find on RefWorks is found in the program under "Help" → "launch help file"


Adding references to your Legacy Refworks account

There are different ways to add references to your RefWorks account. You can of course do it manually but from most databases you'll also find the feature to direct import the reference to your reference management software.

You'll find guides to how it works in a number of databases in RefWorks own "Help file". Your find the the help file in your RefWorks account under "Help" → "Launch Help file"



Under "Getting references into your account" you'll find "Importing From Online Data Vendors" where you'll find most of the major databases and how to import references from them.


... export references from EndNote into Legacy RefWorks

If you have been using EndNote but would like to use RefWorks instead, just export your references and follow these steps:

  • Open your RefWorks account
  • Go to References > Import references.
  • Click Import from EndNote database.
  • Click the Browse button and locate your EndNote.enl file 
  • Specify a folder to import the references to (optional – your references will automatically appear in the Last Imported Folder)
  • Click the Import button.

Note: this function is not yet available in New RefWorks.