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Reference management: Oxford/Chicago/Footnote style

A Libguide on how to use software tools for reference management

What is Oxford/Chicago/Footnote style?

There are many reference styles that uses footnotes or number refering back to the bibliography, such as Oxford and Chicago.

Example of Oxford / Chicago/ Footnote reference style:

Example text:

This text[1] is the beginning of something new[2] [3]. So that’s it [4] [5].





[1] (Monbiot 2011)

[2] (Öquist and Benner 2012, p. 4-8)

[3] (Walters 2007)

[4] (De Bellis 2009)

[5] (Webber and Johnston 2006)




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(This Bibliography is created in EndNote by using the output style Chicago 16th B)