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Lund University

Reference management: How do I...?

A Libguide on how to use software tools for reference management

About this section


Here are some "How to..." tips, if you don't find what you are looking for please consult the subsite "FAQ:s and tutorials" you can almost always find answers by searching these or google your question.

As an employee or student at the Faculty of Social Sciences you can always contact us, either Ann-Sofie Zettergren, Maja Carlson or Sara Rondahl by e-mail: ref@sambib.lu.se.

...get started using New RefWorks

To create an account using your Lund university email: 

1. Go to  http://refworks.proquest.com 
2. Click on "Create new account" and sign-up using your Lund University email address. 
3. Open the link in the activation email that you will receive. Your account is now ready to be used! 

If you wish to create an account using a non-university email address, you will need the access code for Lund University. Please contact your library to get this code.

... create a standalone bibliography

It´s very easy to create a standalone bibliography using New RefWorks, just do like this:

  • Select the references you want to use.
  • Click on the  symbol and then Create Bibliography
  • Choose your preferred output style (APA, Harvard, Chicago etc)
  • You'll now see the finished bibliography 
  • Choose "Copy to Clipboard" 
  • Go to your document and paste the bibliography

...move legacy account to New RefWorks

The New Refworks platform is now available at Lund University. If you have an account in legacy (old) RefWorks and wish to use New RefWorks instead, login as usual and click on the banner on top (see image above) to migrate your account to the new platform. Legacy (old) Refworks will be available until January 2018.