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Generic knowledge and skills (Portfolio) 12 hp MEPO003 version 2: FAQ


Q: Which language can/should I use?

A: Swedish or English. Consider who will serve as opponents at you half-time seminar.


Q: When do I take the Generic knowledge and skills course?

A: You are automatically admitted to the course when commencing your research studies. It consists of your keeping a portfolio, in which you continuously document and reflect on your experiences.


Q: Do I have to use Mahara?

A: No, Mahara is just a tool.


Q: I can’t log in to Mahara – what do I do?

A: Contact


Q: How do I share the portfolio at the half-time seminar?

A: A display page, with URL-link, is created. The Mahara Quick Guide describes exactly how this is done.


Q: How much do I have to write?

A: It is quality that counts: your reflections and experiences should support that you have reached the goals of the Generic knowledge and skills course and of the PhD degree. This may require varying amounts of text, depending on the amount of your experience and quality of the texts.


Q: Who should read my portfolio?

A: No one will read your portfolio until you actively share it. It is recommended, but not required, to present the portfolio to your supervisor, for example when revising the study plan. At the half-time review, the portfolio is assessed by the opponents and the FU-prefekt. At the end of the programme, it is the FU-prefekt, who examines your portfolio.


Q: When I write my personal professional reflections in Mahara, can anyone read what I write?

A: No one but you can see what you add and write in the system. You have to make an active choice by using a function for sharing your Page.