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Generic knowledge and skills (Portfolio) 12 hp MEPO003 version 2: Web tool Mahara & Login

The fully featured electronic portfolio system is recommended to be used for self-studies within this compulsory PhD course.

For your portfolio work, there is an online system called Mahara, to which you log in using your LUCAT identity.

About the Mahara functions

If you have questions about the new version of mahara web tool, contact

Principle of the portfolio work in Mahara

Your portfolio is both a LEARNING- and an EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT portfolio. You will spend almost all of your time in the learning portfolio, which in Mahara is accommodated in the "content" menu. When it's time for assessment of your portfolio, you make a display page, containing your selection of experiences and reflections - documented in the "content" part. This work principle is illustrated in the picture below. How to create Journals, Entries and Pages is described in detail in the Mahara Quick Guide.