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Generic knowledge and skills (Portfolio) 12 hp MEPO003 version 2: Workshops & support


We offer regular (3-4 per semester) workshops to support your portfolio work. The workshops have various themes, but always include a session on the basics of the web tool Mahara and how to structure and build your portfolio. We also offer tips on how to work with the content of your portfolio, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the portfolio with other doctoral students.

One to two times per semester we offer themed workshops on models for reflection and reflective writing, as well as career development.

These workshops are announced via email and under the link below.

The purpose and general methodology of the portfolio are also presented in the PhD courses “Introduction to PhD Studies 1 hp” and “Scientific communication in theory & practice, 1,5 hp”.

Contact information for individual questions and support

Course director:
Olga Göransson
Phone: 046-222 95 52,

Support portfolio work in Mahara web tool                       

Yvonne Hultman Özek
Phone: 046-222 33 29                                                                                             



Matthias Bank
Phone: 046-222 33 07

Technical problems with Mahara: