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Electronic registration!

a) " Nailing "
The mandatory electronic registration means publication of abstract (in english) in the university's database Lund University Publications ( LUP ) . The electronic registration shall be made not later than four weeks before the dissertation via http://lup.lub.lu.se/

For help with registration in LUCRIS, contact librarian Madeleine Bergquist. Check that the information about the time and place for the public defense, title of thesis and other information are accurate and complete before publication. Note that the title should be entered as it is specified on the thesis and not translated into English if the dissertation is written in Swedish or another language.

b ) Electronic publication of doctoral work
Doctoral work is to be published and published in full in LUCRIS , unless special circumstances exist that prevent this , such as copyright issues. In LUCRIS you can also upload attachments in the form of audio files, videos , images and more.


Research Catalogue

Open Access

Open Access stands for a way of publishing, where the researcher gives free online access to his/her publications. Since 2006, Lund University has a publishing policy in which the board of Lund University recommends researchers to, if possible, give free access to their research publications.  A growing number of research funders demand open access to publications that are a result of their funding. Read more about it here.