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Database platforms

What is a database?

A database is a collection of material within a limited subject. Usually a database consists of materials such as articles in full text or as abstracts and books but a database can also include images or videos and much more.

Bibliographical databases collects information about articles, books, reports and other published material in a specific subject. It can be a geographical area, a time period or a research area. Usually you don't get access to the fulltext in the database, so you have to find the fulltext via other search systems.

Art databases

Benezit Dictionary of Artists

The Research Portal

Find research and researchers at Lund University. The Research Portal – your shortcut to information about Lund University research.

Through our research portal you can find research related information, including:

  • researchers
  • research projects
  • research outputs
  • research areas
  • research groups
  • disputations and other publications
  • distinctions and awards

Lund University Research Portal