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Academic integrity

 Read about Academic integrity at the Lund University homepage.


 The Chicago Manual of Style will be the reference system you are going to use when you are writing your final essay.

You can find a quick guide to The Chicago Manual of Style here, and a more extensive guide here.

 There is two different styles within the Chicago style, called “Notes and Bibliography Style” and “Author-Date Style”. The one you shall use is the “Notes and Bibliography Style”.

The style is used a lot in the humanities and in some social sciences. The library offers a few books in the subject and you are welcome to visit the library and read them on sight. If you need some help, don't hesitate to contact the library. 

 You can take a look at some old yearbooks here, to see how former students did.

How to use references

A film about how to use references

Why should I invest time in a reference management programme?

A reference management program will help you collect and sort the reference you need in your work. Your program is build like a personal library, costumed for your personal needs.

Your library will also be accessible (for some programs, for example EndNote) through Microsoft Word - this will help you create the references within the text as well as the bibliography in a output style of your choice.

What program should I use?

The Lund University Libraries Head office and LDC have a site license agreement which makes EndNote available to students and faculty at Lund University. The license are financed by the Lund University Libraries Head office and distributed by LDC.

There are many other programs available, some you need to buy a license for yourself, other are free accessible on the Internet.

You can find Lunds University Libraries site on Reference management here.