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Lund University

Scientific Information Management, LTH

Extend your knowledge in information management & publishing channels - by librarian Emma-Lisa Hansson

1: Introduction & Search basics

Welcome to the first day of the course!

Homework for next time:

- bring a name of a relevant journal within your
- bring a name of a senior researcher
- go to LUBsearch and see what kind of databases that might be relevant for you

2: Databases & Citations searching

Suggestion for literature:
How to find Information by Sally Rumsey chapter 4-7. More documents available under Literature, see box Citations searching

Citation searching and Database assessments excercise

3. Search strategies

Suggestion for literature:
How to find Information by Sally Rumsey chapter 4-7. More documents available under Literature, see box Information searching.

Database searching excercise

4. Workshop

•Briefly present
-Your research topic
-The main database used in your searches
•Show the group
-Your keyword matrix
-Your search protocol
•Share some reflections
-How did you plan your search?
-What worked?
-What didn’t? Any workarounds (tried or planned)?
-Database search vs. citation search?
-These search strategies vs. old routines?


Approx. 15 min.

We expect reflection to be mainly practical, but do also take some time to think about how different search strategies affect what information reaches you, and what doesn’t.

5. Scientific communication & Bibliometrics

Open access & Bibliometrics excercise

Homework for this seminar:
- Bring the names of five relevant journals (within your subject)

6. Managing research data – An introduction

Group task - please see Course assessment (mandatory task)

7. Reference management

Please download reference management Endnote 

Final seminar