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Lund University

Scientific Information Management, LTH: Course info

Extend your knowledge in information management & publishing channels - by librarian Emma-Lisa Hansson

Aim and scope

The main target group for this course is newly engaged PhD students, but all PhD students are welcome to apply. 

The overall objective of the course is to give students instruction and training in scientific information management. Upon completion of the course the participants will have gained knowledge about scientific information management both in general and within the specific research area in which they are working..

Core element of the course

  • use and analysis of information resources
  • strategies of information retrieval
  • evaluation and management of information
  • attributes of scholarly communication

Course form

The course is held in English, and comprises of lectures, workshops and project work.

To pass the course, 80 % participation in scheduled course activities is required.

Each participant should also give a written and an oral presentation of an individual project.